Delos is Different! Our Unique Blend of Textures and Fibers Create Stunning Results.

Matched with today’s choice technology for precision and quality, the tufting journey
results in a beautifully crafted legacy that is distinctive and refined.

Unlimited Shapes

Whether square, round, oval or runner, suit your space and furniture arrangement with boundless shapes that are always perfect underfoot.

Unlimited Sizes

Delos tufts custom rugs in sizes up to 13’x60′ without a seam, with seaming options available for larger projects.

Delivery in
Six Weeks or less

Ordering custom rugs from Delos is as easy as ordering custom drapes. Renderings are free and available in
48 hours.

Deluxe & Select Constructions

American Made rugs are available in a full range of quality constructions including ADA compliant carpets for the hospitality industry.

Wool Palette

Choose from our 144 wool colors or Delos will dye to match at no extra charge. Wool is water and soil repellent, hypoallergenic, reduces noise, counteracts humidity, is sustainable, biodegradable and recyclable.

Nylon Palette

Choose from our 144 nylon colors. Fibers are made from fishing nets and other post-consumer waste.

Solution Dyed Polypropylene

Delos American Made custom rugs are also available in solution dyed polypropylene that is sun-fade resistant making it the perfect option for outdoors or high-trafficked areas indoors. This fiber is easily cleaned with dish detergent and a hose.

Patterns and Textures Galore!
Delos is the ideal partner to make your visions a reality. No matter the mission, Delos has a pattern to suit. And if one of the Delos designs isn’t the perfect option, Delos can bring client designs to life. Delos’ Creative Specialists are just a phone call away to offer advice on constructions based on project needs such as styling, budget, and delivery.
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