Moe Collection

Shags are always in style and are especially appealing in bedrooms and areas where inviting comfort is key.
Choose up to six colors to create the perfect combination and then choose the ideal size.
Shipping is four weeks or less.

Moe Solution Dyed Polypropylene

Moe solution dyed shag rugs bring a room together easily. Unlike off-the-shelf shags, these statement pieces give you the creative freedom to specify the optimal color palette, shape and size. Two pile heights deliver even more preference. The higher, more casual pile is a show stopper. The lower pile is a stylish and more maintainable option.

High Cut Pile (2.75″)

Low Cut Pile (1.37″)

Trend-Forward Colors You Can Mix & Match

Choose a solid or combine up to six colors from our solution dyed palette to create the perfect blend for bringing your space together. Below we have provided a sampling of popular combinations. Delos can make a rug up to a 13’6″x60′ without a seam.




Snow White




Khaki, Lambswool

Cherry, Tangerine

Jack Black, Snow White

Ocean, Lime

Peacock & Lime


Charcoal, Lake Blue, Navy

Lambswool, Khaki, Silver

Earl Grey, Birch, Peacock

Earl Grey, Charcoal, Birch

Snow White, Charcoal & Jack Black