Journey Made Rug Finishes

Self-Hemmed Edge With Tufted Backing

Typically used for hand tufted and microloop rugs, a self-hemmed edge affixes the face yarn’s primary backing to the secondary backing via an applied tape. This backing has close to zero VOCs and is made primarily of natural materials. It’s pliable and soft with a fabric-like hand. Rugs with this backing enjoy dimensional stability – no growing or shrinking and have high tuft bind properties, which eliminate edge ravel and zippering. This is an excellent choice for demanding environments.

Serged Edge With Hand Knotted
& Soumak Backing

This edging is created via thick fibers that are continuously wrapped around the edge of the carpet. It completes Journey Made carpets resulting in a high-end finish. This Journey Made backing is used for Tibetan knotted, Persian knotted and soumak carpets. In the weaving process, pile yarns are intricately interlaced into the foundation, creating a structure whereby backing and face yarns become one. The result is a carpet with heirloom quality that can last for generations.