Six Journey Made Constructions

Hand Tufted

Wool Blend With Spun Bamboo Accents for A Shimmery Luster

Adorn a room with Delos hand tufted constructions that are hand carved between colors. New Zealand wool is available for lower shed and higher luster, while spun bamboo accents add sheen. These floor textiles are woven in one of three yarn systems: cut pile, thick, or nubby textures, and impart indulgent softness and beauty at an entry-level price point.


New Zealand Wool Blend With Spun Bamboo Accents
(Silk available upon request)

Tibetan hand-knotted constructions are synonymous with modern and transitional styling and enjoy cloth-like pile and ultra-fine detail, resulting in timeless beauty. Delos hand knotted custom rugs are crafted using one of the world’s oldest traditional skills and are available in three-knot counts — 150, 100 and 60. The higher the knot count, the more detail possible. Pricing and lead times are determined by knot count and size.


Finest Wool Blend With Spun Bamboo Accents
(Silk available upon request)

Micro loop is the finest of a ll hand-hooked rugs and is styled with tiny loops resulting in a beautiful pile that is textured and shows off the elegance of the fibers. Micro loop constructions are unsurpassed in detail and often are used in hospitality settings of distinction. Loops can run randomly to achieve more traditional or transitional details, or vertically for more modern styling such as with geometric carpets.


Finest Wool Blend With Spun Bamboo Accents
(Silk available upon request)

Delos Soumak rugs are finely woven in a sturdy and tight over-under pattern. They are available with or without cut-pile accents. Modern geometrics look boldly inviting, while transitional styling works best utilizing an all-over Soumak weave to achieve more detail. Soumak rugs work especially well in transitional, casual, coastal, and modern settings. Soumak rugs are double sided with a lower profile that is easily maintained


Wool Blend with New Zealand Wool Available Upon Request

Classic geometric flatweaves provide a modern update with fresh tonal color and a slightly softened line. Loomed by hand, flatweaves bring clear definition and a soft touch to the design. The refined weave also gives this rug a low profile, so it works well near swinging doors, and in other places thicker rugs won’t. Durable flatweaves set a casual mood from the ground up and work seamlessly in a variety of settings. They are expertly loomed to stand up to foot traffic in family rooms, kitchens, and other busy areas.


Extra Large Felted Wool Blend

Made of blended wool, handwoven rugs are all about texture, making these rugs a pleasure to relax on. Often compared to the softness of a sweater, their consistent and beautiful weaves add a natural and neutral look while also providing a sense of warmth to any room. Handwoven weaves add a braided texture that can provide a fresh and beautiful centerpiece for a modern or transitional setting.