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“Some of the Best Opportunities in the World are the Most Obvious Ones”- Thomas G. Stemberg

by | Apr 28, 2020

I am oftentimes asked how Delos came to be affiliated with Aquafil’s ECONYL® fiber. The truth is, our partnership was simply meant to be. For years, Ivan and I have been pushed to tuft in the US with nylon. For a long time we weren’t comfortable with the prospect of adding virgin nylon made from petro-chemicals to our yarn bank. It simply went against Delos values and our mission.

Delos Mission Statement: We serve our clients by creating beautiful custom rugs and carpets that combine innovation with quality craftsmanship. We support American manufacturing and serve our planet through the use of healthy, eco-friendly materials.

Eventually, I was contacted by a customer who wanted Delos to manufacture rugs using the same 100% recycled nylon that many high-end fashion houses in Europe were utilizing for apparel, swimsuits, and bags. After a bit of research, it became apparent that this fiber was being created and spun by Aquafil USA located only seven miles from our front door. I reached out to Aquafil via their website. They called me the next morning! By noon we heard their story over lunch and signed a contract for the exclusivity to tuft custom ECONYL® area rugs here in the states.

What sold us on ECONYL® nylon? Our oceans account for around 99% of the living space here on earth, and 46% of the waste in our oceans are discarded fishing nets, making for 640,000 tons of forgotten fishing gear each year. These ghost nets drift on currents, and get caught on our reefs, entangling millions of marine creatures. 

ECONYL® 100% regenerated nylon is made from recovered ocean fishing nets and recycled carpets. There are two notable companies that use ECONYL® for carpet tiles and pull from the same color bank: Interface and Tarkett. Delos custom area rugs are the perfect compliment to commercial projects using these tiles. ECONY® meets commercial wear standards, with a beautiful saturated color palette, and the ability to dye-to-match. So perhaps this one time, you can have it all.


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