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“A Stitch In Time Save Nine”

by | Jun 17, 2020 | 0 comments

As co-owner of a custom rug manufacturer, this quote is one of my favorites. It is relevant to my business. Frequently I hear residential designers share their perspective about how they have often chosen to make a quick purchase of a rug off of-the-shelf for their client with the goal of eliminating the painstaking task of designing and sourcing a custom one. To their surprise, they often hear back at a later date that there are quality issues, and the rug needs to be replaced.

People who choose to purchase store-bought prints, drapery, and rugs are not typically the profile who will go to the expense of hiring an interior designer. More often than not, I hear from designers that people who are accustomed to original art pieces and custom draperies are the clientele that partner with interior designers. This customer either lacks time or struggles with knowing how to pull their space together creatively. They also lack the resources needed to specify products that well-execute the look. If this is true, then inventoried area rugs are comparable to prints and packaged drapes.

One would gather that the interior design client would question artwork that has been easily reproduced. Therefore, it is essential to position area rugs the same way. It is important to set the proper expectation for rug design, size, use of materials, colors, and delivery. Create a strategy around the area rug from the get-go to curb any surprises. Partner with custom area rug manufacturers like Delos, who can provide photos of your custom rugs being made. This will only add to the romance of the process, and compress timing.

Everyone loves the pleasant surprise of over achievement. Your clients are no different. I am an advocate of hiding a monogram within a rug pattern or requesting something special to be written on the label. Just like a painting’s signature, history, or the artist’s biography, these touches take an ordinary design experience to an extraordinary one.

Yes, custom area rugs do take longer to complete…but “a stitch in time saves nine.”


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