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Creating Without Limitations: Unique-Shaped Rugs

by | Jun 18, 2020 | 0 comments

Why not make a bold statement with your choice of flooring? Creating a focal point with an amazing rug is an ideal strategy for centering a space. Since rugs are typically used within gathering spaces and have the added benefit of bringing people together, choosing an irregular shaped rug is a guaranteed conversation starter.

Preview some of the fresh shapes that I have been developing. This rug mini-series was conceptually based on how a few simple forms can create a compelling, visual story and transport your thoughts to dreamy places. With most of us still living in the fog of quarantine, thoughts of a get-up-and-go vacation are exciting. Reminding me of places I long to visit, I was inspired by the desert hues and sun-dried clay of the building materials of Morocco. This inspiration was married with iconic forms reminiscent of New Mexican architecture.

For the Arch Rug, I created a non-traditional dome shape and integrated landscape elements to add balance and extend beyond the bounds of the rug. These 3-D attributes contribute to this piece looking one-of-a-kind. For consistency, I cropped a section of this rug and used it as a starting point for Desert Valley Rug (pictured in the center). This process is an ideal way to achieve coordinating rugs for your space without completely matching. Within this rug, I included some hints of the Adobe stair-stepping architectural style coupled with additional linear design elements to encourage an abstract aesthetic. Lastly, the Mosaic Rug (pictured far right) was inspired by the highly ornamental patterning found in tiled Moroccan mosques. Although it is simple, this rug shape commands attention.

Each of these examples showcases Delos’ ability to provide an array of design solutions. Did you know that Delos can produce rugs in any size and shape? Our tufting technology allows us to create works of art for the floor without typical boundaries. Let Delos help you dream up your next-conversation starter.


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