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by | Apr 17, 2020

Luxury Means different things to different people. Ultimately, it comes down to what each person values. I have always loved the Concord Watch Company advertisements from the 90s that stated: “Time Is The Ultimate Luxury.” During that time in my life, this headline made an impact. Concord’s Movado watch brand rose to the top in the 1980s and 1990s. It lived among some of the best brands for luxury timepieces like Omega, Rolex, Tag, and Ebel. The Movado brand has since disappeared as a recognized leader. Who would have thought that wearing a Movado watch would be considered retro? Today, what is even more striking is that the watch is no longer a necessity.

In the 80s and 90s, people bought into brand cults to buy themselves into a position with “the club.” It was a way for others to recognize their status. Today the luxury consumer is more postured to express their personal style in new ways that range from monogramming to vintage fashion. The new luxury spans age and household income. Higher-income earners have more expendable income. Still, they surround themselves with objects they have gathered that tell their personal story. It’s this market segment which has the luxury of hiring an interior designer to pull it all together.

An excellent way for the interior designer to start a “custom” conversation with their client is to ask them to show and tell you about their favorite objects. This approach is a personal way to understand the client and their style vision. Style categories such as Traditional, Transitional, Mid Century Modern, and Contemporary mean different things to different people. It is easier to pinpoint personal style and taste by experiencing a client’s treasures with them. Doing this will not only open the door to the art of custom but will additionally take the designer/client relationship to the next level. Your client will feel heard. They will be glad they have hired you to interpret their style through your professional vision.

Delos has created custom area rugs inspired by necklaces, vases, artwork, fabric, etc. All we need is a photo of your inspiration and an idea of size and shape. We will then develop a rendering that is always free of charge. Depending on the style, delivery, and budget, we will suggest the constructions and fiber mixes that make the most sense.

When designers specify a rug from a popular off-the-shelf brand for their projects, they are captive to designs and color palettes that are stocked sizes. This may not make sense for every client’s space and furniture layout. Brands come and go — like Concord. So why not build your own brand for custom accessories? Brand area rugs as your own so you can create loyalty that will live long after the life of the project. Ask your custom manufacturers to place your logo and contact information on the back of your customized pieces.


From luxury home and boutiques to the finest hotels and offices. Delos is the ideal rug and carpet source for creating beautiful spaces. Choose a Delos pattern or go custom. American Made custom rugs and carpets are available in any size and shape and most ship in six weeks or less.
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