Tools Of The Trade: Journey Made

The Delos Website
is your greatest resource for all the latest from Delos. From newest collections and pattern inspirations to color options, videos, and catalog downloads, the best tools are just a click away. Additionally, the Designer Toolbox allows you the ability to choose a pattern, select colors, download artwork, print, email or pin the design to your Pinterest boards.

Architectural Pom Folders Make Project Planning Easy

The Delos Architectural Pom Folder features 144 wool and 144 nylon pom samples. Use the wool poms for Journey Made projects. It fits nicely on a shelf but even better on a tabletop for presenting to clients. The price of the pom folder will be rebated from your next order. To order, call us at 877.988.5595.

Pom Chain

The Delos pom chain is ideal for specifying colors for our Canopy Collection which is made from recycled
water bottles as well as our Natural Talent Collection. (Colors are synonymous with the Delos polypropylene
colors). To order, call us at 877.988.5595.